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Introducing Our Latest Product: Yokobon Sketch Notebook

On Friday, March 22, we released the "Yokobon Sketch Notebook," a compact notebook that satisfied your "desire to draw" at any time.

We are pleased to announce the release of the ‘Yokobon Sketch Notebook,’ a compact blank notebook tailored for those who enjoy sketching at their convenience, on March 22, 2024. Crafted meticulously by our artisans, each notebook is bound with expertly brushed pages and covers, ensuring excellent durability and ease of use.

We utilize bookbinding techniques in the production of our notebooks, combining the strengths of both machine processing and manual craftsmanship. Skilled artisans meticulously finish each notebook by hand.

Bound with thread stitching, our notebooks offer excellent paper retention and durability. They open fully flat at 180°, and thanks to this feature, there’s no need to carry a paper clip to keep them open; they maintain their position even when hands-free. Additionally, they can be folded back 360°, making them ideal for outdoor sketching, as they can be held in one hand. Furthermore, their wide spread makes them suitable for panoramic compositions.

As an essence of bookbinding, we employ the ‘Codex binding’ technique, showcasing the cloth spine known as ‘kanreisha,’ adding a distinctive touch to the design.

We have previously released four series of notebooks. Inspired by social media posts from notebook users who carry their notebooks to art galleries, travel destinations, cafes, and other outdoor locations to sketch, we conceived the idea of a ‘Sketch Notebook.’ Unlike traditional notebooks, this Sketch Notebook features thicker paper, allowing users to sketch more casually without the formality of a sketchbook. It serves as an intermediate item, bridging the gap between notebooks and sketchbooks. This led to the development and release of the ‘Yokobon Sketch Notebook.

A compact blank notebook that fulfills your urge to sketch anytime.

The ‘Yokobon Sketch Notebook’ is a blank notebook designed to fulfill the ‘desire to draw’ for those who want to enjoy sketching anytime, anywhere. With its A6 landscape size, it can be held in one hand and fits snugly into small bags, allowing you to sketch immediately whenever inspiration strikes. Weighing only 125g and equipped with an elastic band, it’s designed for easy portability, just like a daily planner.

Featuring slightly thicker 150-micron paper compared to regular notebooks and offering more pages than typical sketchbooks, it’s developed for those who sketch frequently or wish to sketch casually without hesitation.

It not only opens fully flat at 180° but also folds back completely at 360°, providing exceptional ease of use.

"HS Light Force" paper was selected after testing by a panel of twenty monitors.

We selected the main paper with the assistance of twenty monitors who regularly engage in sketching. The chosen paper, ‘HS Light Force,’ offers a smooth and moderately firm texture, providing an enjoyable writing experience. One of the key selection criteria was its suitability for not only colored pencils and pen drawings but also fountain pen sketches, with minimal ink bleed. Despite containing 128 pages, the notebook maintains a lightweight body, weighing just 125g, thanks to its combination of lightness and thickness.

Two key points for comfortable portability.

To enhance durability and minimize damage from bent corners, we’ve introduced Yosumimaru binding, featuring rounded corners at all four points. This design gives a softer impression and reduces the likelihood of corners getting caught or damaged. With an added elastic band, the notebook can be securely closed, preventing pages from flipping and potential damage while stored in a bag.

Product Specifications

Product name:Yokobon Sketch Notebook
Size:A6 side sewing(H105-W148mm-Thickness15mm)
Weight: 125g
Number of pages: 128
Main paper: HS Light Force 92.7 gm2 (Hokuetsu Corporation)
Materials: paper, polyester, polyurethane, brass (all made in Japan)
Color: 4 colors (blue ash/sand gray/deep red/olive)
Retail price in Japan: JPY2000