Pocket frames to display your cherished memories or store them for later

Set includes: cover + elastic band + 8 pocket frames *Recommended maximum number of pocket frames is 18.


3 colors

Dimensions: 285mm×428mm
Size of picture to be inserted: up to 270mm x 380mm
Weight: approximately 750g
Country: Made in Japan

Display your children's drawings, open the bundle to look back on them, or save them neatly. epocke lets you do it all

Are you storing your children’s paintings even though you want to display them? Once you put a picture in the pocket frame, you can save and display it in the moment. By binding the accumulated pocket frames with an elastic band, you can easily take them out and look back on them like a picture book.

From drawing paper to small doodles

The pocket frame can hold up to 270 mm x 380 mm size paper. The film prevents small doodles and other small objects from falling out. The art can be neatly stored without curling or bending.

Decorate or give as a gift

The pocket frames are made of solid yet lightweight paper and can be displayed standing up or on the wall. Children will be delighted when their drawings are displayed where they can see them. You can also present the drawing to grandparents and other family, or keep the pictures you drew together for annual reminiscing. You can share your child's growth together even when your families are located far away.

With just a rubber band you can stack, organize, and adapt the epocke to your lifestyle

The book can be put together by simply fastening it with a single rubber band. The book can be taken apart at any time by removing the rubber band, and the order can be rearranged as desired, or it can be expanded and divided by adding covers and pocket frames.

Look back with family and smile

"You know that stuffed animal you used to sleep with every night." "You've got a good grasp of your grandpa's and grandma's features in their portraits.” You can flip through it like a book and enjoy it over and over again to share the memories of your children together.

Write a comment and the date to make the memory more vivid

Where did we go, what did we like? You can write down the dates and details of the time you’ve shared to help remember. It’s also a good idea to keep a record of what those abstract drawings were from when they were younger with titles like “Monsters" and "Puppies".

Easily compiled into a single book

Draw freely right up to the edge of the paper

Decorating the perimeter or the back of the frame is also a nice touch. Enjoy the freedom of your creativity.

Children will love it, but so will adults

It is a fun and clean way to preserve photos, travel memories, wine labels, tickets, and other important collectibles and hobbies.