A sturdy, easy to open notebook with traditional bookbinding


4 colors

Ruled lines: Plain / 5mm square grid
Dimensions: A5( 210mm x 148mm )
B6( 182mm x 128mm )
Pages: 190 pages
Weight: 225g
Material: Paper
Country: Made in Japan

The best feature of the BOOK NOTE 360° is its opening

The BOOK NOTE 360° can remain open flat without the need to hold it with your hand. This means you can write all the way to the center of the page, and the notebook will still be open and waiting if you come back to it later. It can also be folded 360° back-to-back, so you can write while standing or laying down. The paper remains unbreakable even when used like this thanks to careful finishing with the traditional "thread sewn binding" technique and our craftsmen’s brushwork. The paper is OK Fools, a high-grade neutral paper made in Japan and despite its simple appearance, it’s packed with detailed innovations, and we have paid close attention to those user-friendly properties.

The cover is processed to the perfect hardness, so it acts like a clipboard and makes it easy to write

Linen cloth for bookbinding is used for the cover. We carefully selected those cloths used for academic books and dictionaries because of their durability. This material ages well and becomes even more attached to the book over time.

Our traditional bookbinding methods date back more than 10 centuries

In the " thread sewn" binding method, a hole is punched in the spine of the book and the book is bound as if it were sewn with thread. The binding is tight to the spine, so the paper does not fall out. This binding method has been used in books dating back more than 1,000 years.

Our high-quality writing paper made in Japan

We use OK Fools, a high-quality neutral paper made in Japan known for its smoothness and comfort. It can be used with pens, fountain pens, pencils, and a wide range of other writing instruments.

Versatile gridded vs free-form plain paper

Two types of paper are available, a 5mm gridded and plain free-form style. The lightly printed pink ruled lines are advantageous as they do not interfere with writing and do not tire the eyes even after long periods of use.

Attention to detail

We rounded the corners of the paper to prevent fingertips from being cut when turning the notebook, and to prevent the edges from being unnecessarily folded. We also made it so that even the very first page will stay open comfortably.