Ink Log

Ink Log

Your own personal logbook to display combinations of ink and fountain pens


2 colors

Dimensions: 55mm×101mm
Spine width: approximately 7mm
Sheet: 30 sheets ( single-sided printing)
Material: Paper
Country: Made in Japan
Ink Log by Watanabe Bookbinding

Enjoy recording different inks in your fountain pen

This is a book where you can record different inks and fountain pens so you can look back and appreciate your own unique combinations. It’s also a quick solution to the "I don't know which ink is in my fountain pen" situation that tends to occur when you have multiple fountain pens and inks.

Ink Log by Watanabe Bookbinding

Smooth, pure-white paper makes ink colors stand out

The paper is Marshmallow CoC Snow White which is known for its contrast against ink. As the name suggests, the paper is as white as snow and has a fine texture that allows ink shades to pop out beautifully.

Ink Log by Watanabe Bookbinding

Beautiful line illustrations

The cover and body are accompanied by delicate line drawing illustrations. The beautiful foil-stamped cover is luxurious and unique.

Ink Log by Watanabe Bookbinding

Easy to flip through and find what you need

It’s handy and palm-sized, with an easy-to-read date column and firm and easy-to-flip paper, you can find what you’re looking for in a snap.