Watanabe Bookbinding BOOKNOTE360 March 13, 2022  |  

The reasons why a notebook that opens well is easy to use

The most important feature of our notebooks is that they open well.

The BOOK NOTE 360° and Seven Seas CROSSFIELD go beyond 180° and open completely 360° so they can be folded in half, while the NÚtta hardcover opens more than 180°to allow you write totally flat.

We believe that opening flat is a prerequisite for an easy-to-use notebook.

So how does a notebook that opens well make it easier to use?

You can write all the way to the center

Have you ever had this experience when using a notebook?

Because of a stiff binding, you can’t write all the way to the middle of the page, leaving unnatural margins in the center.

When writing all the way to the center, it can feel like a single canvas. You can also make copies or scan two open pages without creating shadows in the center.

Feel stress-free because you don't have to hold it down with your hand

You may also have experienced this.

The notebook closes by itself if you don’t hold it down with your hand, and you may find yourself unconsciously doing so.

With our notebooks, they stay open easily, reliving the stress you might feel trying to hold it open.

You can put your notebook next to your computer or iPad, leave it for a moment, and when you come back, and it will still be open, ready for you to write again. Your thoughts and words will never be interrupted by your notebook again.

You can even use a pen with one hand and sip a drink with the other. Enjoy the time you spend with your notebook in any relaxed manner.

Write even when there’s no desk

As mentioned above, the BOOK NOTE 360°and Seven Seas CROSSFIELD not only lay flat but can also be folded 360 degrees.

This makes it convenient for use while standing or in meetings where there’s no way to place the notebook on a desk. The compact size also makes it ideal for use at small café tables or while lying in bed.